Everbuild’s new Central Heating Treatment System

Sika Everbuild Central Heating Treatment System 002Sika Everbuild has launched a new Central Heating Treatment System which offers a three-stage solution to clean, protect and test central heating and hot water systems.

The Central Heating Treatment System comprises a range of targeted solutions to solve the most common causes of heating breakdowns. Each of the nine products in the system provides a rapid response to accumulations of limescale, sludge, bacteria, mould, rust etc. The system offers three cleaning solutions including P24 Power Cleaner to clean debris and sludge build ups from the system, P26 Biocide to eliminate and prevent further bacterial and fungal growth, and P28 Filter Fluid which ensures heavy sludge particles reach the filter for safe removal.

The Central Heating Treatment System features a full range of products to protect central heating systems once they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. From chemical inhibitors such as the P30 Protector to magnetic and electrolytic scale inhibitors, as well as its P32 Leak Sealer. A Universal Protector Test kit is also included which allows engineers to quickly test the level of inhibitors present in the system.


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