Energy Secretary in Green deal jobs promise

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is forecasting up to 100,000 new jobs in the construction industry on the back of the Green Deal.
The Green Deal is the Government’s new way of making energy efficiency available to all, whether people own or rent their property. The work to upgrade the property will be paid back from the saving on energy bills.

“At a time of increasing gas prices energy efficiency is a no-brainer,” Huhne said on a visit to the British Gas Academy in Berkshire.

“It is also a massive economic and job opportunity which could help Britain’s economy turn the corner. With up to 100,000 green jobs up for grabs over the next five years, and even more in the long-term, this is about growing our economy in a way that’s good for jobs, the environment and energy security.

“The Green Deal’s about making people feel as warm as toast in their homes. I want Britain to say goodbye forever to leaky lofts and chilly draughts.”

The Green Deal, which is expected to be available from Autumn 2012, will be open to homes and businesses and will involve a 3-step process:

  • an independent energy survey of the property, giving clear advice on the best energy efficiency options, such as loft or cavity wall insulation.

  • finance to be provided by a range of accredited providers, which will be repaid through savings on energy bills, making properties cheaper to run from day one.

  • homes and businesses will then receive their energy efficiency package.

    Only accredited measures will be installed by appropriately-qualified installers, overseen by Government, giving consumers confidence that the deal they are getting is high-quality and will save them money.

    The Government also announced measures to improve the energy efficiency of the private rented sector. With Green Deal, landlords will face no upfront costs when improving their properties. The forthcoming Energy Bill will create powers allowing any tenant asking for reasonable energy efficiency improvements to receive them from 2015 onwards.

    It will also allow local authorities, to insist that landlords improve the worst performing homes. Whether or not we use these powers will be subject to a review.

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