Drayton expands Wiser System functionality for enhanced efficiencies

Heat Report 2 PNGDrayton has added new features to its Wiser multi-room heating system, giving users an enhanced overview of its performance to help maximise heating efficiency.

Available in the Wiser Heat app, Drayton has launched a new Heat Report feature giving users a detailed view of the performance of the entire heating system. Homeowners can compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms, view setpoints, and monitor outdoor temperatures at any time of day, giving them the reassurance that their system is performing as effectively as possible.

The Wiser system records temperature data on a continual basis in up to 16 rooms and, once the system has been operating for 24 hours, this information is available in the Heat Report. The live data contained within this report can be viewed in the Wiser Heat app at any time.

With single and multiple room view options available, it’s simple to see how long it takes for each room to reach the set temperature. Viewing these heating patterns over time allows users to make energy saving adjustments.

In addition to overall system analysis, Drayton has also added to its list of Wiser features with the introduction of Comfort Mode. Thanks to self-learning technology, Comfort Mode utilises optimum start to ensure the desired setpoint is reached by the scheduled ‘on time’.

Simon May, Product Manager at Drayton, said: “Today’s inquisitive homeowners are looking for more transparency when it comes to the performance of their heating system, and that is exactly what we are giving them with the introduction of the Wiser Heat Report. This new functionality gives homeowners complete visibility of how their heating system is working, and ensures it can be tailored to meet their exact requirements to help maximise efficiency.

“We’re continually enhancing Wiser with new features and the introduction of the Heat Report and Comfort Mode are just the latest in the additional benefits installers have to offer their customers.”

In addition to Comfort Mode, Wiser also boasts a number of smart heating features including: Eco Mode, Away Mode, geofencing through IFTTT, voice control through Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, Open Window Detection, and device lock. Working together, these functions help users get the most out of the system.


For more information on Wiser, visit wiser.draytoncontrols.co.uk or follow @DraytonHeating on Twitter.

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