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DHF act to withdraw incorrect CE marked lock

A Chinese lock that wrongly carried the CE mark has had the offending certification removed thanks to swift action by the Door & Hardware Federation.
The Chinese lock did not claim to be suitable for use on a fire/smoke-resisting

door but nevertheless carried the CE mark. Only locks intended for use on

fire/smoke-resisting doors are regulated under the Construction Products

Directive (CPD).

The DHF, which represents the leading UK manufacturers of locks and door

hardware, alerted the Government to the wrongly certified imported lock. It

pointed out the serious health and safety implications of incorrect

application of the CE mark.

DHF Secretary Michael Skelding said: “The relevant standard, EN 12209, actually covers locks for all applications, but the CE marking instructions within it are aimed exclusively at locks intended for use on fire/smoke doors – that is, where there is a safety risk to life rather than a risk to, say, property.

“The point to be stressed in all this is that CE marking under the CPD is only

possible for products for the intended end uses specified by the European

Commission’s mandate. These are the end uses which pose a health and safety


“The standards, however, may not be limited as to the end use and this can

result in a situation where the product falls within the scope of the standard,

but outside the scope of the mandate, as it did in this case.”

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