Dance like no-one is watching

You can dance, you can jive
Having the time of your life

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but I’m slightly, (only slightly, mind you) warming to Teresa May.

It’s not that I think the Chequers deal is the right one for the UK post-Brexit, rather that I’m starting to admire the lady’s resilience. She is just hanging on in there, no matter what they throw at her.

The Dancing Queen entrance may have been a little cringey, but the attitude behind it was anything but. And the speech was surprisingly upbeat. And end to austerity because we’ve all had enough of it? – I’d be on  board for that. A recognitition that the housing market needs proper investment and that unity and working together is better than back-biting and in-fighting. Yup, sounds like something we can work on.

If nothing else, her conference closing speech laid to rest the ghost of last year’s rather disastrous one with its appallingly timed cough and 70s-ea Dr Who scenery  disasters.

Do I think that Mrs May will be making the closing speech at the party conference next year? It’s unlikely.  I don’t think it will be Boris, either. I think he has missed his moment and the sight of him trolling May by being photographed running through a wheat field was as cringey as anything May did. If the Dancing Queen entrance could be described as ‘sightly embarrassing drunken aunty at a wedding’ then Boris’ wheaty jog was the drunken uncle at the same wedding who grabs the mic from the band to caterwaul his way through My Way.

Whoever is in charge after Brexit, chances are they will be bringing the average age of the political elite down: between them, May, Chancellor Phillip Hammond, Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Lib Dem leader Vince Cable have been on the planet for 335 years.  No wonder young people switch off politics.


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