Condensate Pro to change how condensate pipes are insulated

Condensate Pro has been launched to prevent condensate pipes freezing in low temperatures. It is an easy-to-install solution, featuring specially coated lagging and ready-to-fit connection and termination kits that is set to transform how condensate pipes are insulated.

Developed by heating engineer David Smith, Condensate Pro is available in a convenient kit form that is easy to stock, pack and deliver. Instead of simply selling a length of lagging, merchants can now offer a superior, higher value product that looks professional and helps installers get the job right, first time. Condensate Pro in situ pic RESIZE

The Condensate Pro solution fits any installation (grate, rainwater soil pipe and soakaway), with specially designed UV/water resistant lagging and seal and bond adhesive. All products fit perfectly on to 32mm or 21.5mm overflow pipes. Condensate Pro helps professional heating installers provide total peace of mind to their customers. It can be fitted in any weather, and there is no need for messy pointing with sand and cement either.

The company has also manufactured a unique drift kit and grinder head, also available to merchants, to help achieve the perfect installation on existing installations and uneven masonry. There are millions of boilers fitted with substandard external condensate pipe protection with pipes that freeze easily and cause boiler breakdown. The Condensate Pro drift kit is the ideal product for installers to purchase when upgrading these existing condensate pipes.

Merchants, particularly those in rural areas, will find the grinder head a great stock addition for those installers who will be working on hard and uneven materials and surfaces. The 76mm grinder head is designed to grind a three-inch flat face against irregular faced stonework.

“We launched Condensate Pro to help installers make sure boiler breakdowns are not down to a frozen condensate,” explains Smith. “Condensate Pro protects the installer, their customers and the boilers which breakdown due to condensate pipes freezing. This solution is designed by a pro installer for pro installers and finally we have a product that insulates properly, is quick and easy to install and looks great!”

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