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Cemex launches responsibly sourced cement

Cement company Cemex is now providing certified carbon labels for its cement.

Cemex launches responsibly sourced cement

The Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label will show that CEMEX cements generate between 17 to 24kg of CO2 per 25kg bag, depending on the product.

The carbon labelling comes on the back of the announcement that CEMEX UK’s cement division has also been certified as ‘Very Good’ in the Building Research Establishment Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

This certification means that all cement supplied by CEMEX UK is responsibly sourced, to an independently verified standard that addresses the social, economic and environmental impacts across the entire supply chain.

CEMEX UK’S director of sustainability, Andy Spencer, says: “The carbon labelling demonstrates the progress and commitment we have made in reducing the carbon associated with our manufacturing process, particularly around the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative waste fuels, and the blending of our cements with by-products from other industries to minimise raw materials use”.

The carbon labelled cements are being introduced during April and May.

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