Building Reg changes make thermostatic control mandatory

All new homes will feature inbuilt protection from hot water scalding in baths and will use water more efficiently under measures announced by Housing Minister Iain Wright last week.
Amendments to Part G (sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency) of the Building Regulations mean that from October this year all new build homes will have to feature protective devices fitted to baths to limit hot water temperature, and will need to meet a new minimum standard of 125 litres of water per person per day to improve water efficiency.?

“Hot water scalding in baths is a real risk particularly for groups like children and the elderly and the Government has been committed to finding a way of doing more to protect people from these injuries,” Wright said in Parliament.

The main amendments to the Building Regulations are:

  • the requirement that baths in new homes are fitted with protective measures, such as a thermostatic mixing valve, to limit the temperature of the hot water.

  • a water efficiency standard of 125 litres per person per day for new homes.

  • extending existing safety measures to all types of hot water systems (not just vented systems).

  • setting out where greywater and harvested rainwater can be safely used.

    Wright added: “Homes account for a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions so it’s essential we tackle this as part of our efforts on climate change. Water plays an important role in making homes more sustainable, and the measures we announced today will help make new homes even greener as part of our commitment to zero carbon homes from 2016.”

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