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Bond It’s Reload range of silicones employs a unique reusable design that helps to minimise waste to landfill offering a solution around sustainable packaging. The system is designed for use with special sausage refills. Currently being offered with three of Bond It’s most popular silicones and sealants, WP100, Frame-Mate and Multi-Mate, the concept will be rolled out to other products in the range at a later date.

Reload Foil

The silicone is supplied in the form of EU3 aluminium foil sausages that can be replaced as needed. The end of this refill is removed with scissors before the nozzle is attached as normal. The sealant can then be dispensed using an ordinary skeleton gun and once the refill is used up, the aluminium slug can be simply and cleanly removed and disposed of before another refill is reloaded.

As well as being incredibly easy to use, the Reload system also offers significant environmental benefits. In particular, both the cartridge and the nozzle are completely recyclable while Reload’s refillable nature also means that any excess silicone in the nozzle doesn’t go to waste.

The reusable nature of Reload also results in a considerable reduction in the amount of waste generated and subsequently requiring disposal. Compared to traditional spent sealant cartridges, a used Reload refill is up to 60% lighter and 80% smaller in volume.

Reload Group

The aluminium foil packaging employed on the refills ensures that the silicone boasts twice the product shelf life of traditional cartridges. This helps to significantly reduce spoilage. Plus, the reduction in packaging also helps to make the refills lighter and more space effective than traditional alternatives.

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