BMF endorses ‘all-industry’ conference.

The BMF has cancelled its conference in Portugal next year is throwing its support behind the NMBS event in Spain.
The BMF Board has issued a statement which says it has been “working hard to resolve the impasse between the industry’s preferred ‘all-inclusive’ conference in 2012 and NMBS’s decision to announce an independent-members-only event with virtually identical dates.”

Last week the NMBS board announced that NMBS would now open their previously members-only event to the entire industry.

As a result, the BMF Board has agreed unanimously that the industry’s needs would be best served by the BMF canceling its proposed Conference in Portugal, and engaging fully with NMBS to ensure “the very best Conference experience for all delegates”.

“We are delighted NMBS have responded so positively to the BMF’s – and the industry’s — concerns that we should get as many people as possible to talk as broadly as possible about our industry’s needs and strategic direction, ” said BMF Chairman Terry Parker.

“I don’t think it was ever the intention of either organisation to split the industry over this issue. We both saw the need for an industry conference of some kind in 2012, and we both approached the market accordingly — albeit with very different models of what that event should look like and how it should be funded and delivered.

“The BMF has always believed the industry needs one event, open to all. Clearly NMBS now believes the same. Our concern, now, is to work together with NMBS to ensure it gets one.

“This is a two-fold opportunity for our industry. Firstly, the whole debate has raised huge interest across the trade about the whole value of industry get-togethers. Which means more people than ever before are seriously considering attending next year. And secondly, both organisations have already committed resources to organising a top-class conference in 2012. By pooling those resources, we can ensure that when delegates get there, they will enjoy the very highest quality experience to justify the investment of their time in attending.”

The all-industry merchant conference 2012. June 21-24. Hotel Don Carlos, Marbella, Spain.

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