ARC’s new Flexi-Closer offers multi-width flexibility

ARC Building Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the relaunch of its ARC Flexi-Closer, a multi-width thermal cavity closer for window and door reveals. The 25mm thick cavity closer can be simply cut to size, meaning that distributors and merchants only need to stock one product to be able to meet the majority of customer requirements.

Designed to close the cavity around window and door openings in masonry walls, the ARC Flexi-Closer prevents cold bridging and helps to eliminate moisture, mould, and staining. The rigid PVCu profile acts as an integral DPC (Damp Proof Course), and is insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS), providing excellent thermal properties.

Supplied in 2.4m lengths, the ARC Flexi-Closer is 25mm thick and is suitable for most common cavity widths: 65, 75, 85 and 100mm. The product is supplied in 10 lengths per pack and 50 packs per pallet. The Flexi-Closer is also optionally available with a single flange to suit check reveal details where the window is set back behind the external brickwork. The ARC Flexi-Closer also has a thermal conductivity of 0.038W/mK and complies with Approved Document L of the Building Regulations. ARC Flexi Closer White Brick Tie

Neil Weeks, managing director at ARC Building Solutions said: “Our new Flexi-Closer fits multiple cavity widths as the one product can be easily cut down to size on site. With the demand for shelf space in branches, this offers a huge benefit for distributors and merchants as they will only need to stock the one product, as the cavity closer will meet the requirements of most customers.

“We supply the product complete with cutting guides to enable common cavity widths to be quickly and accurately cut. The process is easy; the installer simply scores a knife down the groove to trim the product to the correct size. For any housebuilding project that requires a cavity closer, the Flexi-Closer offers maximum flexibility.”

ARC Building Solutions is an award-winning specialist manufacturer of cavity fire barriers and cavity closers, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Established in 2008, ARC is committed to the continuous research and development of products to stop the spread of fire, heat loss and to improve the thermal performance of new buildings.

For more information about the new ARC Flexi-Closer, please download the datasheet or to find out more about ARC Building Solutions, please visit

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