TeknosPro’s Satu – the feel good paints for saunas and steam rooms

Designed to meet demanding steam room and sauna environments, the Satu range of coatings from TeknosPro provides the best protection for the integral benches and timber surfaces. Each of the three products – SATU LAUDESUOJA, SATU SAUNASUOJA and SATU SAUNAVAHA – forms a dirt and water repellent, breathable coat; all enhance the appearance of the timber while ensuring surfaces are easy to clean.  

SATU LAUDESUOJA is suitable for untreated and previously oil treated wooden surfaces. It offers protection for benches in steam rooms and saunas as well as wooden table tops and panels. The clear, colourless and odourless product ensures that the natural colour of wood is maintained.

Both SATU SAUNASUOJA and SATU SAUNAVAHA can be used for the treatment of wall and ceiling panels in steam rooms or sau39101 re sizednas as well as washrooms and after-sauna lounges.

SATU SAUNASUOJA, a waterborne thixotropic protection for wooden surfaces, is clear and does not change the natural colour of wood although, using the Teknomix system, it can be tinted to translucent shades. The product may be thinned with water if the shade seems too intense.

SATU SAUNAVAHA is a waterborne protection coating containing natural wax for wooden surfaces. The waxy coating enhances the wood grain and is available in clear colours.

Surfaces finished with SATU LAUDESUOJA, SATU SAUNASUOJA and SATU SAUNAVAHA can be cleaned by wiping with a neutral detergent and rinsing with clean water. The equipment used to apply the coatings can be cleaned with the same materials. 

All the products in the Satu range from TeknosPro are sustainable and classified to Group M1 of the emission classification of building materials – the best classification and standard for low-emission.

For further information on TeknosPro, contact 01608 688925 or visit www.teknos.com/en-GB/professionals.

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