Introduction of the new Tool Angel service at Williams & Co

Tool theft was a huge topic for Tradespeople in 2019, with one insurer estimating that a third of tradespeople have had their tools stolen – plumbing, heating and ventilation contractors being the 4th most impacted trade.

Williams & Co began to listen to what their customers had to say, and with tool theft being such a hot topic, they began to wonder what they could do to help.

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“Every day, we hear of another of our customers whose van has been broken into, and whose tools have been stolen. The devastating effects of tool crime are not limited to the value of the tools themselves, as there is also the damage to the vehicle, days of disruption to planned work and the reputational risk as valued client’s projects are delayed.

There is also a psychological impact on small businesses and self-employed individuals, which should not be under-rated. With the support of partners including Makita, Kane and Armorgard, we have established “Tool Angel” – a service which provides an immediate secure set of loan power tools and a top of the range flue gas analyser to keep their business viable in the first weeks after the crime occurs.” says Ray Stafford, MD.

What can we do when we can’t stop tool theft? We can relieve the impact that tool theft has on our customer’s livelihood, and help them get back on the tools – fast.

When a Williams & Co customer is affected by tool theft they can call their National Customer Service Team with the crime number and a drop off location, and the team will get a Tool Angel kit, worth over £2300, to them within their normal delivery times (On the same day for many postcodes).

The recipient has full use of the armoured, secure, toolbox, a range of quality tools and analyser for free’ for two weeks. At the end of that period, we will collect the tools free of charge. The recipient can choose to purchase a new kit of their own at the end of the loan period with a 15% discount. A year’s interest-free credit is available, helping spread the cost of replacing expensive toolsets.

Stafford is confident that they can reach out and give a helping hand to those customers affected by tool theft “Unfortunately, we can’t stop tool thieves, but we can help our customers who find themselves the victims of tool crime to recover quickly”.

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