The Nights Are Drawing In

Summer is over and Tarmac’s Bill Price is already looking ahead to the Autumn season

This summer has not been exactly tropical, far from it, but inevitably the temperature will begin to drop over the next weeks and months and we enter the autumn/winter season (how depressing!) It is however, probably time look at what the industry will be needing from its suppliers over the winter months.

From a building perspective, winter is not the most productive time of year. Certainly not for outdoor work, so the focus will be on indoor work. From a cement related perspective, this usually means internal floor screeds, construction of internal blockwork walls and perhaps a bit of sealing around holes in the external skin of the building.

Whilst internal wall construction typically uses general purpose types of cement, screeding in winter can also utilise rapid setting cements , which allows work to be completed even in cold weather.

Specialist products are also available for small tasks, like sealing around openings or small repairs to existing construction.

If outdoor work cannot be avoided, plastic packed products or products in tubs are a good bet, as they avoid wastage due to the products getting wet on site before they can be used. Setting and hardening of cement (as with most chemical reactions) slows down considerably in cold weather, which can also lead to problems on site. The use of rapid hardening or rapid setting products, both for fixing fence posts and for use in other areas of building (driveways, paths and steps etc) is also a way of minimising the effects of low temperatures.

Here’s hoping for a prolonged autumn with some reasonably fine weather, that keeps the builders hard at it for many more weeks!

About Guest Blogger - Bill Price

Bill Price is National Commercial Technical Manager at Tarmac’s Cement business

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