Reisser launches new tile drill range

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Reisser has launched three new product ranges, designed to make drilling in tiles an easier and less complicated process.

The entry level Spear Tip tile drills provide a simple and economic method of drilling into softer ceramic wall tiles and glass. The sharp, cross ground carbide tip breaks the hard surface glaze, allowing the tip to pass through the body of the tile easily.


The Premium product is designed for harder tiles beyond the range of our standard drill. The high grade, split point tungsten carbide tip is designed to penetrate ceramic and porcelain tiles up to PEI Grade 3. High temperature brazing keeps the tip securely in the shank, and removes the requirement for water cooling.


For very hard porcelain tiles in the hardness range of PEI Grades 4 to 5, the Diamond drill is recommended. Vacuum brazing keeps the diamond grit securely attached to the tool body, whilst the integral wax lubricant – in drills up to 16mm diameter – helps to cool the cutting edge. Diameters over 20mm have a pilot drill to prevent the tool from skating over the tile surface.


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