Radiators are fit for future says report

A pan-European report into radiators as a 21st Century heat source has found that the product is as suitable for newer heating technology as it is for traditional systems.

The report was aimed at assessing the future role of steel panel radiators in an evolving market, according to MARC, the Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors.

Among the findings are that:

  • Due to their flexibility, steel panel radiators and convectors are the best way of introducing energy-efficient heat generators into existing properties, with renovation and retro-fit accounting for in excess of 90% of the UK and other major western European markets.

  • Steel panel radiators work well with low water temperatures, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious developers and home owners.

  • Steel panel radiators have quick reactions to temperature control, with small heat losses, meaning efficiency is not lost with long heat-up times. This is a benefit of the lower thermal mass of steel panel radiators.

  • The total energy efficiency of steel panel radiator-heated buildings is excellent.

    MARC chairman John Colling said: “During the last 60 years, most technologies have gone through revolutions. With steel panel radiators, it has been more evolution, with the introduction of the advanced welding technologies developed by radiator manufacturers in the 1980s, allowing convector panels to be welded directly onto the radiator waterways. The effect of this was to produce the same amount of heat output from radiators using less primary steel and water content, a major step forward in the drive for energy efficiency and carbon emissions.”

    Colling points out that the biggest considerations for ensuring the efficiency of home heating is the correct level of insulation and the correct fitting of a heating system.

    “The reason for this is that steel panel radiators work very well and, in reality, nobody has found anything better. While other types of heating system have emerged as popular options, the steel panel radiator can compete on all levels and is still very much the number one choice, thanks to the evolution which has kept it up to speed with the needs of homeowners, legislation and trends such as the drive for a green economy,” he says.

    “In excess of 85% of UK homes have steel panel radiators as the primary source of heat emission. I have no doubt that when these need replacing, it will be by radiators, not only steel panels, but the growing ranges of more fashionable and aspirational decorative radiators on the market. This is due to the flexibility, reaction time, energy efficiency and comfort provided by a properly fitted, system and the ability for manufacturers to meet the style demands of modern consumers.

    “Myths such as steel panel radiators creating a stuffy atmosphere, or not providing thermal comfort throughout a room are simply that: myths.

    “The information compiled in this report, with the assistance of some eminent European experts, shows the reality of steel panel radiators as the smart choice for heating homes is backed up by fact, not perception or myth.”

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