One last chance to get it Right?

Mike Leonard of the Modern Masonry Alliance is a worried man.

Never before have had I found myself so profoundly worried for the long term future of the UK economy. Britain is in serious economic trouble. Not only have we just had the longest and deepest recession on record, but our recovery is one of the weakest in the developed world.

Our political and economic leaders have allowed us to run up unprecedented levals of debt, whilst selling off our assets and deserting our manufacturing sector.

They have poured billions into the banks who are now failing in their duty to provide funds at sensible rates to mortgage applicants and businesses whilst paying obscene bonuses to the chosen few.

Those same self serving individuals take no responsibility for their gross incompetence. Our politicians, whilst protecting their own lifestyles of course, appear to believe that all they have to do is increase taxes and cut services and everything will be OK again.

We are staring economic disaster in the face with many millions of people under employed. It is irrefutable that we need to pay down the debt and we must start now. In doing so, however, we must invest in key sectors such as housing to create jobs and keep people in decent low carbon housing.

This will go some way to protecting the manufacturing of building materials, which is critical if we are to retain the capacity in the UK to build the homes of the future. This will also allow individuals to access significant and worthwhile employment opportunities which will prove a vital factor in our long term recovery.

We have learnt to our cost that we cannot rely on our political and economic leaders to act properly and shrewdly to manage our economy. We must stand up and fight now to engage the new Parliament and GET BRITAIN BUILDING!

About Guest Blogger - Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard, Director of Modern Masonry Alliance, shares his thoughts on what's happening in the construction industry

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