Merchants and manufacturers unite to support boiler scrappage scheme

Builders and plumbers merchants and heating manufacturers have all expressed their support for the boiler scrappage scheme announced in last week’s Pre-Budget Report.
The scheme will give £400 cash back on the purchase price of any new high-efficiency boiler which replaces any old Band G boiler.

Ian Kenny, Commercial Director at Graham, says: “The Chancellor’s announcement in the Pre-Budget Report that people throughout the UK will benefit from a Boiler Scrappage Scheme is welcome news.

“Not only will this stimulate the heating and plumbing sector with regards to sales of new boilers and provide plumbers with additional work, but it will deliver significant sustainability benefits for the whole of the UK.”

At PTS, managing director Kelvin Stevens described the proposals as “a major boost for installers. This is a win for everybody, manufacturers, distributors, installers, the Government, in terms of its climate change targets and, most importantly, homeowners who will be able to make significant savings on their domestic heating bills.”

Baxi Group has supported the call for a boiler scrappage scheme since Mick Williams, a plumber’s merchant from Hampshire, started a petition to kick-start the campaign. It is hoped that by offering a £400 incentive to scrap old SEDBUK Band G-rated boilers, over 125,000 households will benefit from newer, more efficient models.

Williams told that it is vital that the scheme give the grant directly to the householder. “That way they can get competitive quotes and make their own purchasing decision and it will bring the benefit right through the supply chain. It also needs to be simple to aunderstand. To that effect we are in constant contact with those at the Department of Energy and Climate Control who are administering the scheme.”

Mark Kelly, CEO Baxi Group UK, said: “This announcement is great news for consumers as it helps them reduce fuel bills and will go some way to reducing their carbon footprint. It also gives the industry a great lift. After days of speculation, we are delighted that the Government has finally decided to introduce this initiative to tackle UK carbon emissions.”

Statistics gathered by the HHIC (Heating and Hot Water Industry Council) estimate that there are 4.5 million Band G rated boilers in use rated at less than 70% efficient. Changing from a Band G rated boiler to a Band A rated boiler could save the householder up to £235 per year on their fuel bills. Upgrading the boiler could also make savings of 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year.

At Biasi, managing director Gren Ward says he is pleased to see common sense prevail.

“The scheme is just the incentive people need to think wisely about the efficiency of their boiler and give the industry the boost it desperately needs. Within the industry we flippantly use the phrase ‘fit and forget’ to describe boilers; the fact of the matter is, that unless they go wrong the family boiler is simply forgotten! The scheme by no means covers the whole of the boiler market, but as manufacturers we have to view this as an opportunity,” he says.

Dave Lacey, commercial director for Vaillant (UK & Ireland) said: “We have seen how successful the car scrappage scheme has been and are looking forward to the boiler scrappage scheme following suit. It can only be beneficial to homeowners, installers and suppliers alike, aiding the environment while simultaneously stimulating the heating market.

“With Ofgem predicting that energy costs are due to rise again in 2010, end users can counter this price rise by utilising this scheme to replace their existing boiler with a high efficiency model. Replacing a boiler that is over 15 years old with a greener model could actually save them as much as £310 per year and the additional benefit of the £400 grant makes this proposition even more attractive.”

To read more information about the scheme, take a look at our new boiler scrappage scheme pages.

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