Mapei provide finish in Central London structure

Mapei products were directly specified by Transport for London through Mapei’s Development Manager Zane Robinson, with main contractor Oaklands Building Services. The project involved the installation of a complete reinforced breathable render system to the existing façades located along a busy road in front of Victoria Station, creating a distinct yet completely unintentional ‘prosecco glass’ style design.

Upon inspection to the façades, Mapei found that the substrate was extremely friable and required a structural solution that could be incorporated within a render system. The walls had become exposed to weathering and water ingress which, over time, would lead to concerns regarding structural stability.

A report on the building found that the substrate was not structurally sound, thus putting the project on hold until a structural assessment for the evaluation of the façades’ stability could be completed. Following the completion of the assessment, the connections between the façades and flank walls were improved, as required by the engineer, to ensure there were no risks to the public. Mapei provided a structural solution following recommendations by its UK based structural engineer.

All loose and friable material was removed, and then cleaned manually. This was an essential step in the project as this would guarantee a good bonding surface for Mape-Antique Strutturale NHL to adhere to. Victoria Station

16mm diameter holes were drilled at pre-determined centres, to the prepared and clean masonry substrate. MSH Finishes inserted Mapenet EM Connector L20 into the holes, and resin anchored them with Fast Track ready Mapefix EP 385. Made from Alkali Resistant Glass, the EM Connectors are ‘L’ shaped and are designed to hold the Mapenet EM 40.

Following this, the installers applied the first layer of mortar, Mape-Antique Strutturale NHL at 10mm thick. The high-performance, breathable mortar is reinforced with a composite mesh for consolidating, strengthening and renovating weak masonry. Application of the first layer was completed with a flat metal trowel, ensuring the render was smooth and even. Pre-impregnated alkali-resistant mesh Mapenet EM 40 was then positioned and fixed in place, using the connectors that had been previously installed. The second layer of Mape-Antique Strutturale NHL was then applied at a further 15mm thickness using the same method to completely cover the mesh and connectors. Following the line of the substrate, the unique ‘prosecco glass’ design was created.

The Mape-Antique Strutturale NHL solution proved to be the best choice for this project to ensure stability, protection and extra tensile strength, while also improving its appearance.

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