IG Lintels offers BBA thermal bridging solution

Lintel brand IG Lintels has a new BBA certified Hi-Therm lintel, which offers a thermal performance that is up to five times more efficient than a conventional cavity wall steel alternative.

IG Lintels offers BBA thermal bridging solution

The new lintel, approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA), has an extremely low thermal conductivity performance which contributes towards a Psi value of 0.05 W/m·K.

Using the Hi-Therm lintel within housing projects can also provide a low cost sustainable solution to CO2 reduction, creating a 3-5% improvement over accredited values on a dwelling emission rate calculation within SAP whilst eliminating the need for a damp-proof course.

The Hi-Therm lintel generates up to a 34% reduction in total non-repeating thermal bridging and future proof performance in line with predicted requirements for part L set for 2013. These forthcoming changes to building regulation have made the need to limit thermal bridging a high priority for architects, designers and SAP assessors. While conventional steel lintels cause thermal bridging in cavity wall installations, IG’s Hi-Therm lintel virtually eliminates this problem.

The lintel uses a unique combination of glass reinforced polymer and galvanised steel to create a lintel whose thermal characteristics outperform all other lintels, while delivering greater corrosion resistance than stainless steel, supporting loads equal to that of a standard or heavy duty lintel and removing the need for the insertion of a DPC.

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