How a Structured Training Programme Will Retain the Youth

In putting together a training programme, regardless of size, there should be clear aims in mind. Lots of young adults will be leaving school and entering the workforce or picking up apprenticeships as opposed to heading straight to a college or university. With the abundance of choices for our kids it’s a great time to pick out a training programme or qualification that will help boost our future workforce.

There are many benefits to bringing the youth into your apprenticeships or similar initiatives that help build new skills and make employees for life in a lot of circumstances. Take a look at some of the many advantages to doing this in our latest guide.

The wealth of skills the young will discover

In school, children are going to be learning similar subjects across the years. Construction training courses are very accessible for people of all ages, but for the younger generation it’s a great way to enter a workforce that could be at risk. In 2017 it was found that the construction industry has one of the oldest worker age groups, which has shown there’s a clear gap in training and opportunities for the younger workforce.


Young adults therefore have a big chance to build on their skills and awareness of an always in-demand market. Whether young adults go into careers into contracting, or are after a very particular qualification such as working within plant construction or civil supervising, there are a host of avenues to go down.

Work experience early on in life

Unlike heading to university and studying specific courses, heading straight into apprenticeships or picking up courses that are a lot more practical will give you that headstart you need. A lot of roles within the construction industry require a lot more practical training and experience as opposed to sitting in a classroom and learning in a more academic setting.


The young have a greater chance of picking up a lot more interactive, transferable and life-changing skills that can be used in a number of different construction careers. Having that practical experience early on will pay will in its dividends later on.

Gaining a qualification through work

As well as gaining so much experience from learning through an apprenticeship or other course, you’re going to receive a qualification at the end. You’re going to receive something that you can bring to the business that you already work in or for when you apply for a new role at a construction company.


There’s a lot to pick up from those that have been in a certain business for a number of years. And it also means that the youth are following those that have been in the business for a long time, therefore retaining a lot of good business acumen for future hires and the longevity of the company. It’s a rewarding way of building trust between people, as well as giving a business the many benefits of hosting apprenticeships in the first place.


One big thing about retaining a younger workforce is that the business is going to benefit from many of the more modern changes happening in the construction industry. It’s going to help the much older generation adapt to these changes, and will help pave the way for more accessible solutions in the building world.


A structured training programme will help the youth remain focused and develop in their future skills that can help in foundation piling, civil construction, and loads more avenues within this broad industry.


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