Halogen Bulbs banned from 1st September

Sensio LED VS. HALOGENFrom 1st September 2018 the ban on importing or producing halogen light bulbs comes into effect as a final phase of the EU Energy regulations 2018 bans them from sale.  But according to a news report from Which a recent consumer survey has reported that 64% of UK consumers are unaware of the impending ban.

“We just want to ensure all our customers are aware of this new legislation and that it has now come into effect.” Said Joe Mitchell, Marketing Manager for Sensio Lighting.  “We have been promoting the benefits of LED lighting for a number of years but until now there has always been alternatives to consider. It’s a positive step forward and great news for the environment as the LED bulb not only lasts much longer, they use less energy too.  Discover more facts on the benefits of LED www.sensio.co.uk/led_lighting.aspx

There are a few specialist bulbs, where LED or other energy-efficient alternatives are not available, that are exempt from the ban.  These include G4, G9 and R7s bulbs, which are used in some ovens and cooker hoods. But the most popular halogens including the E27 edison screw (ES) or B22 bayonet bulb (BC) and the smaller E14 (SES) and B15 (SBC) are included in the ban.

The Halogen GU10 spotlights were banned in 2016, but other halogen bulbs got a stay of execution as manufacturers argued that LEDs weren’t yet a viable replacement due to higher upfront costs, particularly for the brighter 60-100W equivalent bulbs.

The new 1st September legislation sees the final stage of a European Union directive (EC 244/2009) that has progressively banned less efficient light sources, with the aim of improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions across the EU, started with the traditional incandescent light bulbs in 2009.  These rules remain relevant for as long as the UK follows EU legislation too and manufacturers have already indicated that they are unlikely to continue producing halogen bulbs specifically for the UK market after Brexit.

Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions focus on providing the latest technology in high quality lighting and power unit solutions for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market.  Based in Yorkshire, the company design and develop inspiring lighting products for the UK and selected export markets.  They sell their bathroom products through KBB Retailers nationwide.


For further details visit www.sensio.co.uk

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