Green deal = good deal?

MIMA Chairman John Sinfield looks at what the Green Deal could mean for merchants.

Merchants must seriously consider their current business model if they want to thrive under new Green Deal proposals. Those merchants looking for wider involvement when the new deal comes in should give careful thought to becoming a Green Deal provider.

By becoming a deal provider merchants can expand their offering to deliver whole package solutions, including finance. With only half a picture it’s difficult to know the full extent of the inner workings of the Green Deal however, merchants need to make preparations now if they want to opt for a higher level of interaction come October next year.

So far, we know the legalities and legislation regarding loans attached to homes and a little about the financing and payback periods – the Golden Rule, for example. But it won’t be until the second reading of the Energy Bill – postponed by Chris Huhne in July and now expected around late autumn – that the finer details will be made available.

In the meantime, merchants can turn to manufacturers to help guide them through the mire of benefits and pitfalls that exist within the deal. For example, all members of MIMA will be present in builders’ merchants in one form or another either through glass or rock mineral wool products.

Merchants can ask their MIMA member suppliers what the deal means for them, what the industry opportunities are and how MIMA can help going forward. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Green Deal is the Government’s flagship environmental policy and the industry overall has a positive outlook on the deal.

Ministers are looking to the industry to help them piece together the different elements of the deal. Merchants and manufacturers pulling together to collectively to bring them solutions and clear examples of what will and won’t work from a smaller provider’s perspective will help demonstrate that there is a very real commitment to the deal.

MIMA’s advice to merchants is to stick close to suppliers and manufacturers at this key time to help work through the ins and outs of the Green Deal proposals.

John Sinfield is chairman of MIMA, the Mineral Wool Insulation Association and managing director of Knauf Insulation UK

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John Sinfield is managing director of Knauf Insulation UK

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