Grant UK and Bath Rugby extend Kick the Carbon campaign into local schools

Grant UK has announced that it will be delivering a Grassroots Community Sustainability Programme to ten local primary schools, in partnership with Bath Rugby.

The Programme will build upon the Kick the Carbon campaign that Grant UK and Bath Rugby launched last year, raising awareness about sustainability and educating local schoolchildren about the different changes we can all make to be more environmentally friendly.

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Anna Wakefield, head of marketing at Grant UK, said: “Here at Grant UK, we are striving to not only provide our customers with low carbon, renewable solutions to heat their homes with, but we are also working incredibly hard to become a more sustainable business throughout our operations.

“Part of this involves supporting our local community with developing their understanding of sustainability and the changes they can make to be more environmentally friendly, whether that be recycling more, improving our home insulation or investing in low carbon technologies within the home.

“As the Official Sustainability and Grassroots Partner of Bath Rugby, we are looking forward to rolling out our Kick the Carbon campaign into local schools, educating the next generation about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and making small changes which will make a big difference in the future. The Kick the Carbon Grassroots Community Sustainability Programme will combine fun-filled activities with key learning objectives which we hope will be both enjoyable and educational for local schoolchildren.”

Through their Grassroots Community Sustainability Programme, Bath Rugby and Grant UK will be hosting a combination of classroom-based activities with rugby-based activities at ten schools local to Bath and Grant UK’s headquarters in Swindon. The sessions will include an hour of classroom learning followed by an hour of physical activities.

Head of business development at Bath Rugby, Tom Giles, said, “At a time when we’re all trying to make more eco-conscious decisions in our day to day lives, bringing Grant UK on board as both our Sustainability Partner and our Grassroots Partner will allow us to teach the next generation the importance of sustainability.

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