Covid-19 sparks new business venture to help the country ‘build back better’

Tutum Technology is a new company formed to help manage not only the current 2020 challenges faced by the industry, but also futureproof businesses with robust innovative technology solutions.


Tutum is Latin for ‘safe’ and the cornerstone of its offer is a turnkey solution starting with a V-Health Passport which manages the policies set by the CDM coordinator on sites. Scanned at a safety compliant distance it can verify if individual people are safe to go onto a site or not. The other technologies used alongside the V-Health Passport help with engagement and incident control to help protect employees on site.


The company is the result of a collaboration between two companies, Ellanstone and Infinite Possibilities, which, in the run up to Covid-19,had been working closely together on a number of digital technologies around engagement, compliance and incident management.

James Screen of Infinite Possibilities and Tutum Technologies says: “With many construction projects running behind schedule and a lot of the population at home not able to earn, the technologies which we have been working with over the years, with a few tweaks, could be adapted to help solve the problems of getting people back to work safely”.  The team, through their new scheduled daily Zoom calls, set about trying to put the jigsaw together to come up with a technology solution to support the predicted need for mass testing in the construction sector.

Brendon Kenny of Ellanstone and co-founder of Tutum Technologies says: “It became very apparent that with the combined skill sets and connections of Ellanstone and Infinite Possibilities that we should form a new company to take these solutions to market. This was always on the cards, but the Covid-19 crisis was the catalyst to accelerating this coming together and the new company was formed.

Ellanstone’s Peter Wright adds: “The technologies are not just for the current Covid-19 situation but are a long-term solution for organisations to embrace more efficient ways of working. Maintaining and managing compliance will lead to a more robust business in what is predicted to be challenging markets post Covid-19.”

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