CEMEX Partners with BMD Transport

Building materials supplier CEMEX has started using trucks with non-tipping belt trailers on its clay supply route between Southam Quarry and Rugby Cement Plant. These offer considerable safety and efficiency benefits.

Thanks to the conveyor belt bed in the trailer, there is no need for the truck to tip the clay out, which ensures there is no risk of truck rollover or collision with buildings if the body is not lowered. In addition, the driver can control the process by remote control from inside the cab – further increasing safety and minimising potential risk.

Using these trailers also ensures a steady flow of clay from the truck into the reception hopper, reducing stress on the reception hopper and feeder. The belt trailer is also proven to discharge a load in the same amount of time as IMG 0405RESIZEDtraditional tipper trucks.

Furthermore, air vents in the trailer prevent the clay from sweating, while the stainless-steel body ensures a clean discharge of material, without any clay sticking.

BMD Transport, who were awarded a five-year contract with CEMEX to haul clay, has initially purchased two trucks from Fruehauf with plans to acquire an additional seven over the next year and replace the whole existing fleet for this route with the new models.

When the whole fleet has changed to these vehicles, there are further potential benefits; it could reduce the time to discharge each load, as drivers will not have to wait for the preceding load to have cleared the reception hopper before they start to deliver their load. This could then mean that CEMEX can increase the amount of clay brought from Southam each day.

Lee Needham, Inbound Manager for UK Cement Operations at CEMEX, commented: “When BMD presented these new trucks to us, we knew they would be a very positive addition to our fleet. Ensuring the safety of those who work for us and on our sites is of vital importance to CEMEX, and we are always looking for ways to improve our operation. These vehicles offer a very obvious safety benefit and meet FORS Silver standard, plus are also efficient and reliable. We look forward to working with BMD to replace the remainder of the fleet.”

Dec Chokar, Director at BMD Transport, added: “These new trucks are state of the art and have been specifically designed to be used for transporting clay. Eliminating the risk of truck rollover at point of discharge is of considerable benefit to CEMEX and will help to ensure they run a market-leading, safe operation.”


For further information about CEMEX, please visit https://www.cemex.co.uk

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