BMF targets 15,000 new apprenticeships

BMF have pledged to fill the skill gaps across the building materials sector with the aim being to achieve 15,000 apprentice memberships by 2030.

The pledge has been created both to highlight the BMF’s commitment to apprenticeships and to promote, not only to train new recruits but as an alternative pathway to support the development of more experienced staff looking to gain new skills.

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BMF CEO, John Newcomb, said: “We are committed to professionalising our industry and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Many people still think of apprentices as young people entering the jobs market but that is far from the case. Of course, apprenticeships are one of the best ways to develop new recruits but they are also an excellent way to motivate, upskill and retain existing staff as they move through different stages of their careers.

“By making this pledge with our members, we will be sharing resources and learning, and holding each other to account to support our growing industry.”

The BMF are inviting members to join them in making the BMF Apprenticeship Pledge in doing so members will commit to increasing their own use of apprenticeships and agree to report their progress on a six month basis.

Kerry Wilson, BMF Learning & Development Manager, said: “The roles in building materials supply are very different from others in the construction industry and our apprenticeships are not included in the figures for construction. The commonly utilised trade supplier apprenticeships, for example, falls under the sales category, with team leader sitting under retail and hospitality. Over the next seven years we have a fantastic opportunity to build a reliable statistical overview of the apprenticeship take up in our industry.”

The BMF Apprenticeship Pledge was announced at the BMF All Industry Conference earlier this month. Fourteen members have already committed to the initiative, with over 11,000 new apprenticeships pledged.

The companies that have pledged include:

Henshows Roofing & Building Supplies

IBMG – Independent Builders Merchant Group

Kerridge Commercial Systems

Lords Trading Group

MKM Building Supplies

Merritt & Fryers

NMBS – National Merchant Buying Society

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