BMF announces risk specialist for All Industry Conference

Professor Kevin Fong, the latest speaker announced for the BMF All Industry Conference 2023, specialises in risk, decision-making and innovation.

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Fong is a Consultant in Anaesthesia at London’s University College Hospital (UCL) and part of their Emergency Response and Major Incident Planning Team.  He was seconded to NHS England as National Clinical Advisor in Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response for Covid 19.

Fong also worked as an academic and completed training rotations at America’s leading Space Centers, before founding the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment (CASE) Medicine at UCL, which looks at the parallels that exist between critical illness and the physiology of extreme environments.

From space travel to emergency medical response, Kevin has combined insights into planning, human reactions and behaviours, engineering, and psychology to understand risk and decision making.  His broad range of interests and experiences means he can address how teams work and operate. He considers how those that work every day under pressure, under stress and with high-risk deal with it to make the right calls, and quickly learn from mistakes.

Fong holds degrees in astrophysics, medicine and engineering and is also a science and medical broadcaster and writer.  He is a regular contributor to programmes on the past, present, and future of space travel and has presented numerous editions of BBC 2’s Horizon including Back from the Dead and How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery.

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