BJELIN adds to hardened wood floor range

Bjelin launches smaller sizes of its hardened wood flooring that is easy to handle, ideal for residential and commercial buildings and is packed with technologies.

The new small panels measure 1170 x 151 x 9.2mm to fit easily into cars and elevators. They also allow for creative designs and are a perfect complement to the larger and wider XXL and XL floor planks.

Hardened Oak SKOGEN Small with LYA XXL

Bjelin have also made their hardened wood range in a medium size, which are 151 x 2000 mm.

The panels are made using the Woodura process, this technology creates durable and long-lasting floors, and the formula also makes it possible to vary the wood-based mix, creating different surfaces. This technology is also more sustainable, 10 times more flooring can be produced from each tree.

The 5G floor locking system used by Bjelin floors also eliminates the need for glue during installation.

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