breezes in with eco-friendly AIR™ range

The new AIR™ from is a more environmentally-friendly version of artificial grass. Every square metre of AIR™ replicates the air purifying skills of a mature tree, so an average size AIR™ treated lawn can pack the same pollution-busting punches as 50 mature trees.  One average lawn can contend with over 1 kilogram of nitrogen oxide per year, neutralising the equivalent of a car engine’s emissions running 20 kilometres a day for a whole year.

artificial grass air clarity

When UV or direct sunlight strikes the AIR™ treated surface, it activates self-cleaning photocatalytic TiO2 particles. AIR™ uses this energy to transform humidity into powerful oxidizing agents that destroy harmful organic compounds and pollutants in the air, naturally returning them to harmless water vapour.  This process repeats millions of times per second, destroying pollutants and allowing cleaner air to continuously circulate across the AIR™-treated surface.

AIR™ treated grass puts an end to lingering odours from pets and any threat of mould, moss or algae – all eradicated with the advent of AIR™, right from the start. It uses technology capable of oxidising organic components, noxious particles and unpleasant odours at a molecular level by up to 70%

Available in two varieties to suit aspect, purpose, finish and desired end result: Clarity AIR™, a soft touch 30mm lawn with natural multi-green tones, and Active AIR™, a rich green, deep 32mm grass.

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