Zoo Hardware introduces new bathroom lock accessory

The Hex release options of bathroom turns have been introduced to meet the requirements of the document in relation to bathroom locks being used in schools that need to be locked from the inside by turn or lever, and released from the outside by a hexagon or star profile key, therefore excluding more traditional designs such as coin slot or square drive type releases.

zcs006iss hex 002

Available in standard or accessible thumb turn configurations, the Hex bathroom turn and release are manufactured from grade 304 Stainless Steel and are supplied on an 8mm rose base with the rose cover options of screw-on or push-on.

As part of this range, Zoo Hardware has also introduced a separate dedicated Hex release key, which by design also offers a 5mm square drive that can be used in extreme emergency where the external release parts could be removed from the door and the key can be used to drive a 5mm Follower to allow retraction of the bathroom deadbolt.


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