Wilo rucksacks contribute to WaterAid

Rucksacks from Wilo were responsible for a serious donation to leading water provider charity WaterAid recently.

Wilo rucksacks contribute to WaterAid

Wilo’s rucksacks have been seen in all the best places across the world following the ‘Where’s your rucksack been?” competition run over the past twelve months that has seen them photographed by the Terracotta army in China, in New York’s Time Square, at altitude by Rio De Janeiro’s statue of Christ and in the deepest outback of Australia.

So popular have they proved that demand for them at the Pump Centre exhibition in Telford this year was so high that marketing manager Lisa Blakemore decided to ask for a donation to charity for each of the limited supply of rucksacks at the show.

The result was a donation of £300 to WaterAid: “I’m really pleased the donation was so worthwhile and it’s an idea for other shows of course!” said Blakemore. “The idea that people might be willing to give a donation to charity for a giveaway is a nice touch and makes the floods of people onto our stand all the more worthwhile!”

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