VitrA launch WC with Built-In Bidet

WC’s that have a built-in bidet washing function have been used throughout the Far East and the Mediterranean for many years, and now a simple solution for enhanced personal hygiene is being launched in UK on selected WC’s from VitrA.

VitrA Aquacare is an innovative solution that makes it easy and quick to install a mechanical bidet function within a WC pan, and the advanced technology prevents any possible contamination with household water supply. VitrA Aquacare comes as a complete set: a WC with a pre-assembled and integrated air breaker, and a WC seat and cover. The WC pan requires no additional equipment or preparation besides water installation. If maintenance is required, one simple click is all that is needed to remove the Aquacare cover below the WC seat.Aquacare new from www.VitrA .co .uk

“Bidets have typically been less popular in the UK as they have been in other parts of the world,” says VitrA Marketing Manager Margaret Talbot. “Lack of space in small UK bathrooms has caused bidets to fall to the bottom of the priority list, plus using a bidet has not been commonplace in UK culture. Times and attitudes have changed though, and the growing older population and increasing cultural diversification means there is a need for products in both domestic and commercial settings that makes independent personal hygiene easier. Users really appreciate the clean feeling that this sort of system delivers.”

VitrA has designed, with a patent pending, Aquacare to protect potable water against contamination from dirty water while saving time and money for the installer. Additionally, it represents an invisible, concealed solution for end users that offers extra hygiene in the bathroom.  This highly engineered solution is available for Sento, Integra and M-Line wall-hung WC pans and is automatically compatible with EN1717 as well as LGA and DVGW certified.

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