The World Cup:

Threat or an opportunity for the building industry this summer?

In a few days time – yet again – most of the country will be rooted in front of their television sets or down their local pub, enjoying the fiesta of football known as the FIFA World Cup.

It will consume much of our lives this summer and as football is such an emotional sport, much of the talk in the builders’ merchants, production lines, sales offices and building sites will be about the previous night’s match or the next one. So will all this pre-occupation have an adverse affect on the building industry?

It’s possible that many sales representatives will decide to stay close to home, ensuring that they’re back home in time for the match and perhaps the many night games from Brazil will result in a few late starts or a sudden rise in those phoning in sick!

It’s also possible that many people will be planning to take their main holiday during this period and manufacturers and stockists will be left with a lack of people in the offices, on the road, behind the trade counters, in the warehouses or on the production lines.

Just as the industry needs to address the shortage of some building materials such as bricks and blocks (which is still an major issue) and the increasing demand for houses, will building sites slow down? Will this also result in much quieter merchants and distributors across the country?

It is likely that many homeowners will delay their refurbishment plans, as they will not want the disruption of DIY and tradespeople in their houses at this time.

On the other side of the coin, it is possible that the mood of the country will be boosted and the feel good factor will start to encourage more spending. The same is true for a possible increase in the morale and work rate of all concerned – when people are happy, motivation and productivity levels usually increase.

Manufacturers might use the less chaotic time to plan and focus on their future strategies. Or perhaps the corporate and promotional opportunities available might see an increase in deals being closed for manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

Merchants and distributors will no doubt be having many World Cup based promotions and merchandise to boost sales and develop customer relations.

There are just as many positives as there are negatives and when that crucial penalty is missed, no doubt we will all be wondering why we bothered to commit so much energy to the event. However, that never stopped me dreaming….

Steve Rogan is managing director of Pinnacle Consulting

About Guest Blogger - Steve Rogan

Steve Rogan is Managing Director of Pinnacle Consulting, recruitment specialists for the building products sector

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