The Bedroom blitz

Jennifer Gardner, a professional painter and decorator from Hertfordshire, transformed a customer’s bedroom with TeknosPro coatings, meeting the customer’s request for a pure white finish across the wooden furniture and ceiling. 

Futura Aqua 40, a water-based coating, was used over an undercoat on the walk-in wardrobe. The MDF texture of the wardrobe required a quality paint that would leave a beautiful finish. She chose Futura Aqua 40 for this job as it offers excellent consistency and a smooth semi-gloss finish with no brush marks. The ceilings were then painted with two coats of TeknosPro 5, a water-based acrylate dispersion paint designed for use on dry indoor surfaces.

Impressed with how durable TeknosPro 5 and Futura Aqua are, Gardner commented, “My customer absolutely loved the white finish and I was amazed that a water-based coating could offer the same end result as an oil-based finish. They are easy to roll on and consistent enough for the original work to not flash through. TeknosPro will now be my go-to choice of paint. The coatings were better than anything I have previously used by a mile!”

To see more of Gardner’s work and her account of this project, follow her on Facebook (Jennifer Gardner Interiors) and Twitter (Jen The Decorator). 

For further information on Teknos, contact 01608 688925 or visit

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