TG Lynes continues diversity drive

TG Lynes managing director, Andrew Ingram has spoken of the importance of equality, diversion, and inclusion within the business – and the goals for the next seven years.

Leading heating, plumbing and air movement supplier, TG Lynes has made significant strides towards building a more diverse workforce, particularly since becoming part of the Grafton Group in 2015.

Celebrating International Women’s Day this week, Andrew Ingram said: “Diversity and inclusion is a high priority for TG Lynes. That is a goal we were already striving towards but it has accelerated since we became part of Grafton Group.

“Our individuals do not need to mask who they are. We want them to be their authentic selves and we’re committed to treating everyone equally regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

“Having people from a range of backgrounds has been very beneficial to the business. It helps to have a variety of thoughts and ideas to draw from.

“International Women’s Day gives us a chance to reflect and celebrate the progress that has been made in TG Lynes and our industry as a whole, as well as reaffirming our goals for the future.”

TG Lynes recently appointed Gurcu Karakurt onto the senior management team, becoming the first female to hold the position.

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“I am very proud to be making a little bit of history within the company. I hope it paves the way for more women to be part of the senior management team in the future. I am fortunate to have never felt disadvantaged as a woman in work – but I am very aware that is not the case for everyone. International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the achievements of women – and to accept there is still more to be done to reach true equality. Diversity at TG Lynes has improved noticeably even during my seven years with the business, and that can only be a positive,” said Gurcu Karakurt.

The company is also welcoming the first female finance director to the team in the coming weeks while there are other women in senior positions, including management accountant Lindy McChesney-Tilley and warehouse supervisor Donna Hart.

Ingram added: “The most important thing is we have the best calibre of people in the right roles – and we give people the chance to build their careers with us.”

Grafton Group has made a series of pledges to continue improving diversity between now and 2030, including a year-on-year increase in percentage of colleagues that are female. The Group also plans to be in the top 100 in the FTSE 250 for board diversity by 2030.

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