Study reveals Building and construction firms are struggling to recruit “top talent”

The Access Group’s Recruitment and Resourcing Index has revealed that building and construction firms could be missing out on top talent due to complicated application processes.

The building and construction industry topped the index as the industry most likely to struggle to fill positions due to arduous recruitment processes was accounting and finance, followed by automotive and building and construction.

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Julia Harvie-Liddel, head of recruitment at The Access Group, said: “In today’s competitive jobs market, organisations cannot afford to risk losing candidates at the final stage because of poor experiences with their website and arduous application forms.

“The good news is that with a few improvements, employers could see a vast improvement in the number of people who complete their application form. Make sure your careers pages or microsite is performing well from a technical perspective. Like customers, candidates will be put off by sites that are slow to load or don’t display properly on a mobile, so ask your digital team to check its Core Web Vitals. Just as important is updating your website with the latest roles and engaging content – everything from rewards and benefits to company life.”

The index was compiled using different metrics – including user-experience of careers pages, the number of questions on an application form, and whether candidates can apply via LinkedIn or need to send a covering letter. The higher the score, the better the candidate experience.

The findings come as the British Chambers of Commerce latest Quarterly Recruitment Outlook found that 80% of UK businesses have reported difficulties in recruiting – down just 2% from the ‘highest level of recruitment difficulties on record’ last year.

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