Södra Wood Ltd announces partnership with Denholm Port Services

Södra Wood Ltd has announced a two-year contract with Denholm Port Services, the leading UK ship agency provider.

In light of increased paperwork and more complex requirements following the UK’s departure from the European Union, Södra has taken steps to streamline its imports and mitigate any potential issues or customs delays.

Södra is in a unique position, in that its business model gives it full end-to-end control of its supply chain. Södra produces timber in seven sawmill locations across Sweden and Finland, and ships goods from one of three main loading ports: one on the west coast of Sweden, one on the east coast and one in Finland.

The goods arrive by boat at three east coast UK terminals – Sheerness, New Holland and Dundee – and one in the Republic of Ireland.

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“With the UK leaving the EU and all lorries and ships entering the country now requiring customs clearance – combined with the sheer volume of timber we import – we wanted to avoid any potential issues with delays,” explains Anthony Burridge, shipping manager.

“We therefore took necessary steps to mitigate this risk, and our partnership with Denholm Port Services plays a significant role,” continues Anthony.

“Denholm is very much the expert in this field and with a team in place dedicated to clearing all of our ships and lorries, we’re confident that we can continue to supply our customers in a timely, cost-efficient way. This partnership is just another step in cementing our long-term approach to the UK market, and continuously improving the service we provide our valued UK customers.

“Crucially, it also frees up our internal team’s time, allowing them to do what they do best: fulfilling our customers’ requirements to a high standard, each and every day.”

For all enquiries, call +44(0)1285 646000, email ukinfo@sodra.com or visit www.sodra.com for more information.

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