Sika Everbuild’s adhesives

Sika Everbuild has released two styrene-free chemical anchor adhesives – Everbuild Anchorset Green and Sika AnchorFix-1.

Sika Everbuild Styrene Free Chemical Anchors

Everbuild’s Anchorset Green, which is available in both a 150ml and 300ml size, features a twin bag system operated by a standard sealant gun. As well as its styrene-free, low odour formulation which has been tested to meet LEED 2009 standards, it is quick to cure, can be used both inside and outside and is resistant to chemicals.

Like Anchorset Green, Sika AnchorFix-1 is a two-component chemical anchor adhesive. Available as a single 300ml mix-in-the-nozzle cartridge for ease of application, it is a fast-curing adhesive suitable for standard applications with low to medium loads. Its methacrylate-based formula means it is also solvent and styrene free.

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