SandTex Trade research reveals homeowners’ favourite colours

Sandtex Trade research has revealed the top trending colours amongst different age groups and that 95% of people deem the paint on the outside of the property important when looking to purchase a new home.

The research also revealed that one in three homeowners had no idea that it is possible to paint metal and they also did not know which parts of the exterior of their property they can paint, most of them need the support of a professional.

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Ken Jensen, senior technical consultant from Sandtex, said: “It is clear that so many homeowners are dreaming of beautiful exteriors but have no idea where to start in achieving them and we wanted to make sure we gave decorators the tools to help them get ahead when talking colour with customers.”

The research revealed that younger home owners prefer adventurous and bolder colours, this includes; reds, blues, greens and blacks for the exterior features of their homes, it also revealed that 23% chose grey as their top choice.

A third, 31%, of millennials said they liked white on the exterior of their properties and where as 14% said they liked red.

The research found that 31% of people aged between 35-44 prefer properties painted in a natural sandstone colour. They are also a huge fan of grey, as a quarter claimed they wanted to paint part of the exterior that colour.

Pastels and blue shades were popular in the 45-54 age group, 16%, and they also liked the natural sandstone shades, 30%.

In the 55-64 age group they preferred neutral colours, 19%, and sandstone, 30%.

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