Research shows “misunderstanding” over timber frames persists

British Woodworking Federation reveals timber windows and doors are viewed positively by homeowners but the misunderstanding over their performance persists.

The survey had 1,500 participants and 32% said the aesthetic appeal is important, 31% agreed that lifespan is important and 24% said security features are important.

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Helen Hewitt, CEO at the BWF, said: “The beautiful aesthetic of timber has always been its enduring appeal, whatever the property type. And with timber products being designed to be repaired rather than replaced, they are a naturally sustainable choice. It is hugely encouraging that the benefits of timber are recognised by those who may be considering replacing windows or doors in their homes or buying properties in need of renovation.”

The survey also revealed some misconceptions about timber windows. 40% believed timber windows offer high energy efficiency performance, 57% thought timber windows cost more and 70% of homeowners thought that they had a shorter lifespan.

“With the cost of living and energy crisis ongoing, it comes as no surprise that cost and energy efficiency are the primary concerns for homeowners when selecting for their property. But while it is encouraging that timber is viewed positively by many against these criteria, there are still some outdated assumptions over how timber windows perform,” said Hewitt.

However, 59% of homeowners thought that timber windows offered a wider opportunity for design and style options than alternatives and 56% thought timber windows were more sustainable.

Hewitt said: “We want to challenge these misconceptions and help show that whether a property is a new build, a period home or anything in-between, wood windows and doors are the natural choice and can add value for any homeowner.”

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