Rainy Day Trust take a hike for Apprentices

The last month has seen a significant surge in the number of apprentices that have applied for help, according to Bryan Clover from the Rainy Day Trust. 

He also saidbca864e6 6c11 4f7e 9c9d 9e0b3c00e050 that the new partnership between Rainy Day Trust and Hikoki Power Tools UK is working well and because of their support, the trust are able to make the money go so much further.  “We are still providing laptops to the apprentices pushed towards us by Didac and in April, we were exceptionally busy here too – in all we helped 50 apprentices last month which is an all-time record.  We spent over £11,000 on them.”

To raise awareness of the fact that working as an apprenticeship is a 24 hour job because studying picks up where work placements leave off, Clover will be hiking 100km of the Ridgeway in 24 hours on 21 June, aiming to cover over 60 miles in one go, non-stop.  He said, “My planning indicates that I’ll be taking something like 120,000 steps, burning between 9 and 10,000 calories and climbing about 8-10,000 feet in the 24 hours.  All unsupported!  I have new knees and hips on order through Amazon!”

The Rainy Day Trust are looking for as much sponsorship as possible to support the apprentice programme as it expands, and while they know that Brexit is hitting the industry hard, they stress that the programme is vital to give younger people the start in life that they deserve. 

To sponsor Bryan Clover’s hike or find out more about it, visit:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rainyday100

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