PTS follow Jewson and rejoin BMF

PTS, part of the BSS Group, have announced they have rejoined the BMF to show their “active support of the industry’s continued development”.

PTS follow Jewson and rejoin BMF

The news follows last month’s announcement that Jewson had rejoined the federation after a three-year absence.

PTS managing director Alan Ball said, “We have rejoined the BMF because it is through organisations like this that we can help the industry to grow. The BMF has a core role to play in driving industry legislation and as a national merchant we can strengthen this proposition.

“The BMF also supports the role of independent merchants, something which we at PTS are keen to back. This industry wouldn’t exist without these independents and I believe we can learn from each other and there is room for us all in this market.”

BMF md Chris Pateman added, “PTS has a strong position in the market and is well respected for its support of the merchant trade as well as the development of its own staff and services.

“The BMF is a forum for the whole trade and through the credibility of members such as PTS we are confident that 2008 will be a very strong year for us and all we hope to achieve.”

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