Part F proposals suggest compulsory ventilation checks.

All ventilation may have to be inspected and commissioned if proposals in the current Building Regulations Part F (ventilation) consultation document are passed.
Part F comprises a number of significant proposed changes including where mechanical ventilation systems are installed in new dwellings, the air flow rates shall be measured on-site as part of the commissioning process. This shall apply to intermittently-used extract fans and cooker hoods, as well as continuously running systems.

Where continuously running ventilation systems for dwellings are specified, these shall have been type tested and shown to meet specified noise limits.

Domestic ventilation systems will become a controlled service for ventilation as well as energy performance, which means that all work on domestic ventilation systems will be building work that must meet Requirement F1. However, only the provision (which includes replacement) or alteration of continuously running mechanical systems will be notifiable building work.

Guidance has now been included for airtight homes. In all cases, this results in greater ventilation provisions for dwellings with design air permeability tighter than or equal to 5 m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa.

For passive stack ventilators (PSV), the stack diameter has been increased to 125 mm for all room types. Use of PSV in inner wet rooms has been clarified.

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