Net Zero Carbon: What are Grant UK doing?

Grant UK has outlined its vision for the future in a Manifesto for change. The publication, Grant UK 2030 Vision: Heating homes sustainably for future generations lays out the Company’s mission to support its customers on the journey to net-zero carbon by providing efficient, sustainable and cost-effective home heating, from traditional systems to renewable technologies.

In line with the Government’s target of net-zero carbon by 2050, Grant UK’s goal is to take the lead on decarbonising home heating with either a focus on biofuels, renewable technologies, such as heat pumps or where appropriate, hybrid heating systems. Grant UK Company Manifesto Our 2020 Vision

Grant’s 2030 Vision also outlines a pathway that could help ensure off-gas homes will no longer be solely reliant on fossil fuels for heating. Grant recognises that off-gas homes and businesses will face significant barriers in moving to a carbon-neutral energy supply, including potentially crippling costs.

“Our 2030 Vision outlines how Government targets can realistically be met. Hybrid systems are a significant and immediately available solution to transitioning the off-gas market towards low-carbon heating as they combine a traditional boiler with a renewable technology like a heat pump,” explains Paul Wakefield, managing director of Grant UK.

“This approach prioritises the renewable technology, with the boiler providing back up when required and is ideal for retrofit hard-to heat homes. A typical carbon reduction of up to 70% can be achieved with this method of heating and even more when using a biofuel alternative for the boiler.

“Installers will be so important to deliver the change that is required to move away from a reliance on fossil-fuels, especially those in off-gas areas. Our aim is to support installers as much as possible to enable this to happen.”

Grant UK is currently investing in external training facilities and staff to both improve awareness and product knowledge in the marketplace, and help heating engineers diversify and grow their own businesses. Known for innovation, Grant is well positioned to advise upon, and facilitate, the move away from fossil fuel dependence.


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