NBG signs five new partners

NBG has welcomed five new Partners this month.

Nick Oates 002

The five new Partners include two new East London based merchants, Floyds Builders Merchant in South East London, a general merchant with a specialism in steel, and timber specialist T Chambers and Son based in Romford.

In addition, Darlaston Builders Merchants near Walsall and Paget Builders Merchants in Sheffield, heavyside and general merchants join along with Marcliff Plumbing and Heating Supplies based in Bristol with a specialism in renewables.

Managing director, Nick Oates, said: “We stated a few months ago that our pipeline of potential new Partners was historically strong. We have now begun delivering on that potential with five new Partners bringing a diverse range of specialisms to the group. But we’re not stopping here, the pipeline remains strong and we’re confident that we will be making further announcements in the coming weeks and months.”

“Our democratic ideals, founded on the philosophy of ‘one Partner, one vote’ is proving highly attractive to merchants who want a real say in how their buying group is run and are wary of an overly centralised approach that dictates rather than manages by consensus. We believe our focus on buying deals through developing a strong community spirit results in everyone supporting each other. We’re confident in our approach and we believe there is more to come.”

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