MKM Hire introduces HVO powered generators

MKM has teamed up with plant and machinery company MHM Group to offer fusion powered generators as part of its Tool and Plant Hire offering.

MKM Hire

MHM’s MG 6000 SSY-Eco generators, which are designed to minimise air and noise pollution on construction sites, are being launched as a hire product for MKM customers, starting at the merchant’s latest Hire branch, King’s Lynn.

The new generators feature start-stop technology to save on running costs and reduce energy and fuel usage. Although traditionally diesel powered, the generators can also run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), or a mix of both, offering sustainability benefits to users.

Capable of powering small site cabins the generators have been tested over a four-day period, where they have reduced engine run time by 14 hours and saved £20 fuel cost over the same period.

Lee Armsby, hire business development manager for MKM, said: “The introduction of this generator as part of our Hire offering is a great addition that we are proud roll out. MKM’s focus is on doing the right thing for our customers. MHM’s generators are the first to incorporate stop-start technology into them, so it was an easy choice to pick their machines.

“The MHM generators present a great option for our customers who are conscious of their environmental impact to reduce it without compromising or adding to their workload. Offering them also means that our customers can benefit from the sound reduction and the savings that can be made with running costs.”

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