Merchants ahead of gender pay gap game

Builders merchanting is better than most other sectors in paying men and women equally, research has found.

By law, all companies, charities and public sector departments of 250 employees or more must publish their gender pay gap figures.

Figures obtained by the BBC showed overall, the median pay gap in favour of men lowered slightly from 9.7% last year to 9.6% this year. The median pay gap is calculated by comparing the difference in pay between the middle-ranking woman and middle-ranking man in the same companies. The figures relate to the 2017/2018  financial year as featured on the website, as the figures for the 2018/2019 are not yet available.

At the top of the merchant list (of the merchant companies whose figures are available) are Lawsons and Donaldson Timber (owners of MGM Tmber) with a median pay gap of 15% in favour of women, followed by Keyline Builders Merchants at 13.4%, then Williams Trade Supplies at 9%, Parker Building Supplies 5.7%, Elliott Brothers 3.8%, James Hargreves 3.4%, Huws Gray 3%, Travis Perkins Trading Company 2.7%, Howarth Timber 2.6%, LBS 2.5%, Jewson 2.3%, Saint Gobain Building Distribution 1%, Builder Depot 0.9% and Grafton Merchanting GB 0.4%.

Conversely, those whose pay gap veers in favour of men are: Grant & Stone 12.8%, Travis Perkins plc EH Smith 10.7%, JT Atkinson 9%,Nicholls & Clarke 5.4%, Ridgeons 4.6%, Bradford Building Supplies 3%, Wolseley UK 1.8%, RGB 1.3% and Crossling 0.3%.


Merchant gender pay gap chart

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