Marley launches latest addition to popular Maxima Clay Interlocking range

7Z6A0498amendWith increased demand for building products which focus on ease of installation, without comprising aesthetics or quality of finish, Marley has extended its range of Maxima clay interlocking tiles with the introduction of a new Matt Black colour.

As the ongoing skills shortage continues to affect the roofing sector, the new Maxima Matt Black tiles offer a modern roofing solution, while also reducing installation time due to their high coverage rate.

In addition, the Maxima range features an open gauge and interlock so no specialist skills are required as installation is the same as installing any concrete interlocking tile. Furthermore, with a minimum pitch of 17.5⁰, the Maxima is the ideal solution for a wide variety of building projects, including one storey extensions where low pitch can be a challenge.

Daniel Redfern, product manager at Marley, said: “The Maxima Matt Black offers a classic profile together with a modern matt black finish, which can be used on a wide variety of roofing vernaculars.

“The extensive development behind the latest addition to our Maxima range is also compatible with Marley’s new Maxima cloak verge units together with our extensive range of fixtures and fittings, all of which are available in matt black to provide a complete premium clay solution.

“We know how popular our Maxima range in Natural Red is proving across the south and south-west areas of the UK, so the matt black colour provides an additional solution especially for extension projects where the existing build is made up of darker slate or clay products.”

The new Matt Black colour option joins the existing range of Natural Red. For more information, visit

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