Knightsbridge’s LED battens

The new BATSC range of LED battens from Knightsbridge provide energy-efficient, cost-effective and technologically-advanced replacement alternatives to outdated legacy fluorescent lighting in industrial, commercial or office environments.

ML2306BA Knightsbridge BATSC Range 2

The BATSC (batten, self-contained) units are colour temperature and wattage adjustable, offering ultra-high efficiency and contain the latest control chip technology. Highly durable owing to their steel and polycarbonate construction, the battens are low maintenance and long-lived in operation, with an estimated lamp life of nearly seven years or 60,000 hours of continuous use.

Three variants of the battens are available, all offered in 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths and in standard or emergency versions.

The range is led by the BATSCW which is the most cost-effective ‘go to’ version for the majority of straightforward applications, while still delivering advanced versatility through its wattage and CCT adjustability. Depending on length, BATSCW wattages are adjustable from 18 through to 52W (4’ – 18/32W, 5’ – 22/41W and 6’ – 27/52W) and in three temperatures: 3000K warm white, 4000K bright, neutral white and 5700K daylight. The emergency models are all self-test.

The BATSCWM delivers the same colour temperature and wattage options as the BATSCW, yet with the added benefit of a microwave presence sensor. Detection angles are 150o if wall mounted and 360 o when ceiling mounted, and with a range of 6m when mounted at a height of 3m.

The BATSCDA is the Digital Addressable Interface (DALI) incorporated version of the BATSCW. Its wattages are fixed at 32, 40 and 48W in the 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths respectively. Also fitted with microwave sensors, the DALI control gear allows for connection into simple room or networked building control systems. All the BATSC LED battens are IP20 rated.

Finally, Kingsbridge always places a high emphasis on ‘installability’, and the BATSC collection is no different, with push-fit loop in-loop out terminals, combined with hinged gear trays, making for simple and fast fitting.

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